SZA Weight Loss: How Did She Lose 50 Pounds LBs

The desire for a perfectly healthy body is increasing immensely. Excessive food is becoming a matter of concern for most of us.

To achieve weight loss goals people follow different diet plans and workout routines. It is all for a good reason since weight gain can cause several diseases.

Many celebrities inspire fans with their weight loss transformation, one of them is SZA.

In 2017, during an interview with Coveteur Magazine, SZA talked about her weight issues and the problems she has to face while dressing up. She said;

I’m low-key into the ’90s style. I’ve consistently been dressing in baggy clothes because I was heavy. I was 200 pounds, but that’s not really public knowledge. I was a lot bigger, so wearing baggy clothes was so much as a ’90s thing, it was what was comfortable and what fit.

She was unable to wear the clothes of her choice. Her desire for an attractive body kept her motivated to work hard for weight loss.

By changing eating habits and following a workout routine she amazed her fans with her weight loss journey.

If you are also a fan of SZA aka Solána Imani Rowe and anxious to know about her personal life, career, and SZA Weight loss journey then keep reading this article.

Who’s SZA aka Solána Imani Rowe

Solána Imani Rowe known professionally as SZA (/ˈsɪzə/ SIZ-ə), is an American singer, model, and songwriter.

While growing up, she aimed to become an Olympic gymnast, but destiny had planned something else for her. As she didn’t want to become a singer.

For the first time, she recorded her vocals to help her rapper brother Daniel. People admired her and she gained popularity. Since she was a huge fan of rapper RZA she adopted the stage name SZA. The letter S in her name stands for Savior.

After becoming a celebrity she wanted to wear fashionable stylish clothes nearly but was incapable of doing so because of her 200 pounds figure.

However, she worked on her body by adopting changes in her diet and lifestyle. With hard work and dedication, SZA’s weight loss journey became a success.

SZA’s Biography

Solána Imani Rowe aka SZA was born on 8 November 1990 in St. Louis Missouri, United States. She was raised in New Jersey by a Muslim father and a Christian mother.


Her father was an executive producer on CNN while her mother was an executive at AT&T. She has a sister named Tiffany Daniels and a brother named Daniel.


She completed her early education at Columbia High School. Later she went to Delaware State University, Essex County College where she completed her graduation in marine biology. During her high school and college period she was well-trained in gymnastics.

Music Career (Songs and Album)

While working with her rapper brother she gained popularity afterward she released her first EP in the year 2012 titled “See.SZA.Run”.

In 2013, she released her second EP named “S” and the same year she went on a tour with the band “little dragon (”. In the same year, she released her song “teen spirit”. The following year she was singing songs for video albums by different artists. She also released her song “child’s play”.

Till 2014, she was writing singles like Babylon and Sobriety while at the same time, she was planning to release a studio album. She was also writing songs for singers like Beyoncé, Nikki Minaj, and Rhianna.

sza body transformation
SZA body transformation

Debut Album

SZA’s debut album was released in 2017 named “Ctrl”. She gained much popularity with her hit songs like;

  1. Love galore
  2. The weekend
  3. What lovers do
  4. All the stars
  5. Quicksand


In 2018, she won the NAACP Image Award for an Outstanding New Artist. She also received two Soul Train music awards in the category of the best R&B/soul female artist and best new artist.

SZA Net Worth and Social Networks

She has 19.7 million followers on Instagram (@sza). She also has 4.47 million subscribers on YouTube. SZA’s net worth is $6 million (March 2024). Her main source of income is through singing and endorsements.

How Did SZA Lose Weight?

She never wanted to become a singer it was an accident that gave her popularity in the singing field and since then there has been no turning back for her.

Apart from her popularity and fame, there were a few drawbacks in this field as well as people commenting on her looks and personal life.

During her early career, she was nearly 200 lb and nothing fitted her apart from loose baggy shirts and pants.

Although she was not a person who would get affected by negative comments who didn’t want to look attractive. Therefore, to improve her physique and health, she avoided eating junk food, adopted healthy habits, and included workouts in her routine.

Following are some of the tips she followed to lose weight;

  1. Do not follow a random strict diet
  2. Say no to green tea
  3. You don’t need any supplements for weight loss
  4. Try to be more active
  5. Do not spoil your mood by drinking awful shakes
  6. Drink as much water as you can
  7. Eat those things that make your body healthy.

Sza Weight Loss: Workout Routine and Diet Plan

SZA Diet Plan

According to her, she made several changes in eating habits like portion control and following a vegan diet for almost a year. In her vegan diet, she didn’t consume any red meat, fish, or dairy products.

She also said goodbye to high-calorie foods containing carbohydrates and sugars. Her diet included complex carbs and high-fiber veggies which helped her in shedding excessive weight.

SZA Allergens

SZA Workout Routine

She didn’t invest in gym or workout instruments. Instead, she started running and jogging in parks. Dancing also helped her a lot in burning calories.

When Did SZA Start Her Weight Loss Journey

In 2015, she posted on Instagram about her weight loss and health issues. She also mentions that she has lost almost 50 lbs (pounds) in a few months.

SZA Before and After Weight Loss Transformation

There is a huge difference before and after SZA weight loss transformation. She weighed almost 200 lbs or 91 KG. In the year 2017 to 2018, she was 56 kg. Her physical and facial transformation amazed her fans.

SZA Before and After Photos
SZA before weight loss and after
SZA Weight Gain Or Did She Get a BBL?


If you desire to lose weight or facing health issues then you can follow in SZA’s footsteps. Disciplinary healthy eating and an active lifestyle can help in shedding some extra pounds.

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