Jimmy Jam Weight Loss: Bio, Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jimmy Jam is an American R&B/pop songwriter and record producer. With his hard work, dedication, and talent he got immense popularity in a short time.

Jimmy jam shook the internet by posting his pictures after weight loss. Some of his fans appreciated him while others were concerned about his health.

This sudden weight loss surely brought curiosity to the mind of his fans about how did Jimmy Jam lose weight.

If you are also among fan, then this article is for you, because here you will not only know about Jimmy Jam weight loss but also about his family, music career, net worth, exercise routine, and diet plan.

Who’s James Samuel “Jimmy Jam” Harris III

James Samuel “Jimmy Jam” Harris III

James Samuel Harris or you can call Jimmy Jim made his way to the entertainment industry as a songwriter and record producer.

From the 1980s till now his name is sparkling in the music industry. Jimmy Jam along with his partner Terry Lewis has most billboard #1 hits than any other songwriter.

They have 41 top 10 hits in the US and 31 in the UK.

Jimmy Jam Biography

The 63 years old songwriter and record producer was born on June 6, 1959, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

James Samuel Harris lll was born to Cornbread Harris who was also a musician. During his academic years at South Minneapolis high school, he met his music band partner Terry Lewis.

They both used to perform together and later in his academic life the songwriter formed an 11-piece band called mind and matter.

Jimmy Jam Family

Jimmy Jam and the Family Honored at JDRF Charity Event

He was born to well-known jazz and blues music artist James Samuel Harris Jr “Cornbread Harris”.

He got married to an American businesswoman Lisa Padilla in 1994 and together they have one beautiful daughter Bella Harris and 2 sons Max and Tyler.

Jimmy Jam daughter Bella is a model and she became prominent in the news with her appearance in the Teen Vogue and Grammy Awards.

Jimmy Jam Career in Music

After band creation, he officially did an opening act in 1981 at music Artist prince’s concert.

Harris and Terry together did three albums the time, what time is it, and pandemonium.

In the year 1982, they collaborated with Andrew and established a production house business with the name flyte tyme. From the time band formation till 1998 they delivered with different recording companies like A&M record.

Afterward, Harris along with Terry opened a recording studio in his own hometown. They joint with Arista records in 2000. In 2004 they relocated their studio to Santa Monica California.

The duo of Harris and Lewis has been the most famous team for their songs as compared to all the songwriting and production teams.

More than 100 times their song reached Billboard’s top 10. They have won 100 ASCAP awards.

On 30th January 2013, they signed an agreement of an exclusive worldwide publishing administration with a universal music publishing group.

Jimmy Jam Net worth and Social Networks

Jimmy Jam has an estimated net worth of $50 million. His main source of income is his record label company which he jointly formed with Terry.

He also earns through his albums and songwriting. He has also launched many singers like Janet Jackson.

Jimmy Jam owns a personal Twitter and Instagram account with Terry Louis.

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss Diet Strategy

Jimmy follows a rigid routine including a healthy diet plan and workouts. According to his wife Lisa, he has done a fantastic job in half a year. He eats vegetables fried in olive oil.

Jimmy Jam Breakfast

Jimmy Jam wakes up early in the morning. Between 5 to 6 am he goes for a walk followed by a gym session.

He eats a healthy breakfast including salad fried in olive oil and green tea. He avoids drinking caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee in the morning.

Jimmy Jam Lunch

He likes to have a variety of dishes in his lunch. However, most commonly he eats salmon fish along with cruciferous vegetables.

Salmon is high in protein and iodine providing a balanced diet. Although it is high in fats but has very few calories which keep him energetic throughout the day. For gyming and losing weight high protein diet is essential.

Cruciferous vegetables include cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels, and sprouts. Such vegetables are loaded with minerals and fiber improving Jimmy Jam general health.

Jimmy Jam Dinner

Since he sleeps early, therefore, he takes his dinner by 7 o’clock or a maximum of 8 pm. His dinner includes a black bean quinoa Buddha bowl. Consumption of whole-grain bowls provides energy and helps in weight loss.

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss: Workout Routine

It is hard to get information about celebrities who keeps their personal life private. We were fortunate that we got information about his diet plan but his workout regime is still a mystery.

The only thing we got to learn from his team members is that every morning after a walk he heads to the gym.

He spends two hours at the gym doing weightlifting and some cardio exercises.

When Did Jimmy Jam Start His Weight Loss Journey

In 2018 Jimmy went on a red carpet with his daughter Bella he was overweight at that time.

But after six months when he appeared on the red carpet of Clive Davis pre-Grammy party with his wife Lisa Padilla he shook the Internet with his amazing weight loss transformation.

It is obvious that he lost a great amount of weight between January to June 2018. From that time till now he has successfully maintained his slimmer look.

Jimmy Jam Before and After Photos

People Also Ask About Jimmy Jam

  1. Has Jimmy Jam lost a lot of weight

    Jimmy Jim has lost almost half of his body weight. He was overweight back in 2018. As a celebrity, he was having obesity issues as his weight was increasing day by day.
    In 2019 red carpet events he surprised his fans with his attractive slimmer personality.

  2. How did Jimmy Jam lose weight

    Jimmy jam followed a well-disciplined daily routine including a balanced diet and workout regime.

  3. How tall is Jimmy Jam

    Jimmy jam is 1.6 m tall weighing almost 78 kg.

  4. Jimmy Jam today

    People are speculating rumors about his ill health since he lost a huge amount of weight but it is mainly because he lives a healthy and happy life.

  5. Jimmy Jam daughter

    Jimmy Jam has only one daughter named Bella Harris who is a model and an actress.

  6. Is Jimmy Jam blind

    No, Jimmy Jam is not blind. He does not have any issues with his eyes. Since he wears dark color goggles most of the time this created a buzz on the Internet.

  7. Who is Jimmy Jam wife?

    Jimmy jam’s wife’s name is Lisa Padilla, whom he married in 1994.

  8. Is Jimmy Jam Still Married

    He is still married to Lisa Padella to whom he tied the knot in 1994. For the past almost 28 years they are happily married.


After his transformation rumours were speculating that he has done surgery for weight loss or he was suffering from a major illness.

However such rumours have nothing to do with reality, the main cause for Jimmy Jam’s weight loss was a healthy lifestyle.

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