How Long Can Raw Shrimp Stay in The Fridge?

Raw shrimp is a delicious seafood appetizer. It’s delicious, fresh, healthy, and super easy to make!

But do you know how long you can keep the shrimp in your fridge? Eating it right away is not a problem, but if you want to save some for later, you need to know how long it can last.

Shrimp is delicious, and it’s also low in fat, calories, and vitamins. It’s a healthy meal option, but you must be careful not to overcook it. One thing you should perform is paying close attention to the shrimp’s freshness.

How long can it last in the fridge if you buy it from the store? You must read this article as this article will cover all essential aspects and doubts about shrimp.

How to Store Shrimp in The Refrigerator

Whenever you purchase raw shrimp from the local market, you should check the ‘sell-by date‘ on the package of the shrimp. This date will help you to understand when you should purchase the package. However, sell-by does not use by or consume by.

You must immediately put the raw shrimp in the refrigerator after buying it. Shrimps are preserved when frozen because the moisture on their surface creates an ice glaze.

The procedures for keeping shrimp in the refrigerator are listed below;

  • Raw shrimp should not be left outside the fridge for more than two hours. Remove the shell and vein from raw shrimp before freezing, but leave the heads.
  • Rinse the raw shrimp well.
  • Put the shrimp in a Tupperware or yogurt container and close it to prevent air entry.
  • Create a brine solution using 1 US qt of water and 2 tbsp of salt. Place the brine solution in the Tupperware or yogurt container. Place the shrimp in the brine with a headroom of 1 inch or a few millimeters.
  • Place the container in the refrigerator.

Always follow all steps carefully to increase its lifespan.

Tips: Use the portion you plan to use rather than one significant quantity of shrimp. This method eliminates the need to thaw all of the Shrimp each time you want a portion.

how long can shrimp stay in refrigerator
how long can shrimp stay in refrigerator

So now you have learned how to store shrimp in the fridge. If you want to keep shrimp for longer, keep them in the freezer.

The following section will help you understand how to store shrimp in the freezer.

How to Properly Store Raw Shrimp in The Freezer?

Shrimp has always been a beloved choice for a delicious meal. But if you want to enjoy it at its freshest, you need to learn how to store raw shrimp in the freezer. That way, it’ll stay delicious and ready to be cooked when you want it.

Below are the ways you should follow to keep it in the freezer-

  • Remove the shrimp head with your hand, or cut the head with a knife. It can stay preserved if the shrimp is left in its shell while frozen.
  • Place shrimp in the bowl, and keep it in the sink faucet. Open the water tap, and rinse them thoroughly to remove any debris.
  • Take the shrimp out of the sink, and find a rigid container to put the shrimp in. Little space should be left between the shrimp to reduce the amount of air in the container.
  • Now make the brine solution by following the method given in the previous section.
  • Put the brine solution in the same rigid container you picked to keep the shrimp, along with the shrimp. Fill the container with the brine, allowing a few centimeters or a little over an inch of space at the top for the water to expand, and keep it in the refrigerator. Leave the container in the spot where it can remain upright until the brine freeze.

So now, you must understand how to store the shrimp in the freezer. So, how long can a shrimp stay in the refrigerator or freezer? The following two sections will help you understand these questions’ answers.

How Long Can Raw Shrimp Stay in The Freezer?

When you buy shrimp from the local store, you might notice that the packed shrimp called shell-on means shrimp still have their shells. You have to pill the shell after buying it for cooking or storing it in the fridge.

You might also find shelled shrimp in the market. The manufacturer or distributor removes the shell from the shelled shrimp.

The shell-on shrimp that comes with the shell can last up to one day in the fridge. On the other hand, fresh-shelled shrimp without shells can stay in the fridge for 2-4 days. It means that shrimp without shells can last longer than shrimp with shells.

That is why we have suggested you remove the shell before keeping the shrimp in the fridge. However, raw shrimp can stay in the fridge for three days.

how to keep prawn fresh
how to keep prawn fresh

How Long Can Shrimp Last in The Freezer?

If you run a seafood restaurant, keeping shrimp in the freezer might be extremely helpful because this seafood meat’s lifespan is too long. The raw shrimp can last up to six months in the fridge. However, lifespan can differ depending on the quality.

Shelled shrimp can be fresh and last up to nine months in the freezer. On the other hand, on-shell shrimp can last up to 12 months, meaning one year. You can even ensure they last longer if you maintain the freezer temperature at 28°F (-2.2°C).

How Long Can a Cooked Shrimp Last in The Fridge?

If you have cooked the shrimp to enjoy its tasty flavor, you may be wondering how long cooked shrimp may be stored in the refrigerator.

You must be delighted to know that cooked shrimp can last up to 3 to 4 days. But you have to reheat the shrimp dishes to maintain their flavor.


Seafood is a staple in many households, especially those with a plant-based diet. That is because such wide varieties of seafood are low in fat and high in protein.

But when preparing a raw shrimp meal, it can be hard to know how long you can keep it in the fridge. This article has answered your most common questions in depth.

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