What Kind of Services Do Medical Billing Providers Offer?

Most medical practices that partner with a billing service for the first time cannot believe the difference it makes in a short amount of time.

Even practices that are diligent in paying attention to all of the aspects that go along with this complex requirement, the truth is many employees aren’t adequately trained or experienced enough to record and document all of the necessary data and info to remain in perfect compliance.

Nor do they have the time, in addition to all of their other duties, to keep up to date on all of the new developments in procedure, requirements, and technology.

With all of these obstacles and pitfalls, medical clinics and other providers experience a significant reduction in dedicated man-hours and financial strain when turning these tasks over to a national medical billing services provider.

Here is a look at a few of those services in a bit more detail:

The Main Services Covered Under Medical Billing

The first thing they do, of course, provides the namesake service. Medical billing is a detailed, tedious process. It involves many aspects from dealing with insurance agencies to collections from individuals. Other billing services include:

  • Patient inquiries
  • Tracking claims management
  • Private commercial, and government billing
  • Aging A/R attention
  • Appeals
  • Many others

EMR Software and Management Services

Electronic Medical Records are a major time and resource commitment. Not a lot of medical practices have everything needed to dedicate the attention required to keeping in EMR/HER compliance.

Recruiting and Staffing Services

Each medical practice has its own specialties, as well as its own blend of unique associates. Customized recruiting techniques from national medical billing services provide help to find the highest-quality candidates for your group.

Medical Coding Solutions

RAC auditors have collected hundreds of millions of dollars from hospitals, clinics, and other medical practices. This is even in many places where there is an in-house review team.

The fact is that the complex documentation and detailed reports that go along with this process are burdensome in addition to the other responsibilities that come with medical coding.

Payroll and Accounting Services

The top national medical billing service providers offer a detailed payroll layout:

  • Specialized Plan Options
  • Detailed/Itemized Reports
  • Live virtual monthly reports
  • CPA certified associates

HIPAA Compliance Audits

HIPAA Compliance Audits

The HIPPA guidelines and requirements are one of the most complex systems in existence. And they have to be; they protect the privacy of patients while making sure all useful and relevant data is stored properly to provide information on how to constantly improve the service. Your practice is best served by having specialists handle this process.

NMBS Provide So Much More than Just Billing Assistance

There are still many more services that top-rated billing companies offer, including credentialing and contracting services, virtual medical staff services, and others.

When analyzing what’s best for your practice, examine which services you need most, and look for a company that has a proven track record in each category.

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