How to Use Lavender Oil for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

In recent years, many people are inclined toward natural therapies to improve their health – be it physical health or mental health.

According to studies, herbs are effective to deal with psychiatric disorders, like anxiety, stress, and depression. Therefore, you can try herbal products, like lavender oil, along with other forms of treatment to improve your condition.

According to a 2000 systematic review based on aromatherapy studies, Cook and Ernst reported that aromatherapy has a short-term impact on relieving anxiety and stress.

Even a 2012 review study showed proof of the benefits of lavender to improve anxiety when taken orally.

So, if you are struggling with anxiety or stress lately or have been diagnosed with depression, continue reading to know how lavender essential oils can help you.

What is Lavender Oil?


Lavender is an essential oil that is extracted and distilled from lavender flowers. This oil consists of concentrated plant extracts, and it contains the natural aroma of real flowers.

It even includes a high concentration of natural aromatic chemicals. The two significant chemicals are the forms of terpenoids known as linalyl acetate and linalool.

Both these chemical compounds are effective in reducing anxiety, even at lower concentration levels. This makes them a highly suitable alternative to relieve anxiety.

According to studies, lavender oil is known for its anxiolytic effect. It means that it has the same properties as anxiety medications. Hence, it can decrease the stress responses triggered due to anxiety or depression.

It is because the compound linalyl acetate acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Hence, it causes a soothing effect.

Which is the Best Lavender Oil?

There are various brands of lavender essential oil in the market, particularly online. But how to find the best lavender oil out of so many options? Or how to know if you are purchasing a real essential oil or just a cheap dupe?

Five Tips to Consider while Investing in High-quality Essential Oils

How to use lavender oil for stress

Understand the Difference between Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil

Fragrance oil is synthetic, so, it does not contain beneficial natural compounds even though they may smell good. They are also very expensive to create, as they are diluted with some artificial substances.

On the other hand, essential oils contain high concentrations of natural compounds distilled from natural plants. They not just smell good but also contain additional chemical compounds to achieve the desired effect.

So, double-check whether you are purchasing a purse, essential oil, or just a fragrance oil.

Check the Latin Name

The best-quality essential oils contain a list of plant species with their Latin names. For instance, lavender oil may be derived from English lavender or Lavandula Angustifolia.

If a bottle of essential oil doesn’t include the Latin name, it is difficult to find out what extract you are buying.

Trust Your Nose

Since essential oils are in concentrated form, they smell potent just out of the bottle. Some oils, like lavender or rose, are more subtle. So, when buying it, make sure that essential oils smell natural and pleasant.

Give it a good sniff to test whether an essential oil is natural. If you identify a twinge of alcohol or if an oil smells more like a kitchen cleaner, it’s not a genuine product.

If you are buying online, you have to check the reviews and ratings of a product before making the purchase.

Don’t be mistaken by the “Grade”

Most oils may be labelled as “Therapeutic Grade.” It is vital to understand that this isn’t an FDA-approved term or also not approved by any other evaluating body.

While many good brands label their essential oils to be “therapeutic grade” to signify purity, any company can put this information on an oil bottle without even meeting the specific quality standards.

It is not a bad thing to label a bottle with “Therapeutic Grade.” But don’t take it as a standard of purity.

Consider the Cost

Essential oils can be priced fairly per ounce. However, generally, it’s because it takes a good amount of plant materials to make one tiny bottle.

Nonetheless, everyone loves a great bargain. But the price of oil makes sense if you consider the rarity of a plant and the amount of labor needed for distilling. So, if oil’s price seems good to be true, it probably is.

How to Use Lavender Oil to Ease Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

How to use lavender for anxiety

Lavender oil is great for activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the nervous system’s part of relaxation. With this, it can help in calming down the nervous system while reducing anxiety’s somatic (physical) symptoms.

Here are three ways to use lavender oil for anxiety, stress, and depression:

Oral (Medication)

As per this research analysis, there are various benefits of lavender oil when taken orally compared to inhalation. Nonetheless, essential oils aren’t ideal for swallowing. Its oral version is manufactured by experts and cannot be replicated at home.

Silexan is a preparation that’s studied by scientists at various dosages—such as 80 milligrams and 160 milligrams. According to studies, 80 milligrams can produce results in only six weeks. And, 160 milligrams can produce the desired results in only 4 weeks.


Another way of achieving beneficial results is to massage lavender oil for 10 to 15 minutes. You may use the lavender essential oil by diluting it with a carrier oil, like almond oil or olive oil. Or use a pre-mixed lavender-infused oil for massage.

Tip: Don't apply undiluted lavender essential oil on your skin.


You can even enjoy the benefits of lavender essential oil via aromatherapy using a diffuser. It’s best to use a high-quality essential oil bottle, such as 100% Pure Organic Lavender Oil.

If there’s no diffuser at your home, you can take a cotton pad and add a few drops of essential oil to it. Keep it nearby and let it diffuse naturally from there. It is best to inhale the aroma of lavender oil for around 15 to 30 minutes.

Note: Make sure that it doesn't reach pets, as it's not good for pets if they inhale it for too long.


By now, you must be aware of how beneficial lavender oil is to make you feel calmer in case of anxiety, stress, or depression. However, high-quality essential oil offers temporary relief to the user.

Lavender oil alone cannot treat or cure anxiety or stress completely. So, you need to take it in combination with other treatments. But, if you are seeking quick relief to reduce anxiety, lavender oil is best for you.

Therefore, add it to your list of ways of self-care while creating a calming routine to unwind.

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