How often Do you Have to Renew your CPR Certification? (GUIDE 2024)

Obtaining cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification is critical because it is a life-saving skill, and you can give it to individuals who have labored breathing and no visible pulse. As a result, you must renew and upgrade to the most up-to-date techniques.

CPR talents, like any other ability or talent, degrade with time. Especially if you are not involved in it, the skills and information acquired during the first training deteriorate rapidly. CPR certification is only acceptable for two years, and you must renew every two years.

This article will go over the CPR certificate renewal process, some of the reasons for recertification, and what you need to know about it.

Who Ought to Take CPR Recertification?

CPR recertification applies to anyone whose current certification has expired or is approaching its expiry date, not just in the medical field. In most jobs, a person with an expired CPR certificate must renew within six months of the expiration date to perform CPR for cardiac arrest.

If you have a CPR certificate, you can easily renew it if you aspire to get the necessary information and abilities. It also applies to people who work in emergency medical services and other health professionals.

Why is it Necessary to Refresh CPR Certificates?

In the domain of CPR, there are constant developments. As advancements in the healthcare profession occur, the American Heart Association (AHA) ( frequently publishes updated guidelines for CPR performance.

The new policy comes into play due to continuous study in the field, and periodic renewal ensures that you are up to date on any changes to the procedure.

You can renew your CPR skills by taking a CPR recertification session. After a year of training, a person can hardly conduct CPR, which is risky since it can quickly result in death. Leaving out or forgetting some essential data might potentially compromise the treatment.

Employers also require CPR certification, and you must renew the certificate when it expires. To take advantage of the benefits of CPR, you must maintain your current certification.

How to Renew CPR Certification?

can you renew your cpr online
Can you renew your CPR online

You can renew your certification in different ways. These are hybrid courses that include both online and classroom instruction. Let’s examine each of the possibilities:

CPR Blended Learning

The term “blended learning” refers to a course that includes both online and in-class elements. You may renew your CPR online and then go in person for a hands-on skill exam.

You will obtain a CPR certificate after finishing your CPR recertification course and skills exam, and you will receive a certificate indicating that you have completed both activities.

This certification will enable you with skills to perform first aid and CPR to persons with sexually transmitted diseases without fear.

CPR Online Courses

A CPR online renewal is a course that consists of several modules and online training videos, followed by a test that you can take on a computer, laptop, or mobile device. Online courses are a great alternative if you don’t have time to attend classroom training due to a hectic schedule.

The online certification course can be taken at your convenience, anytime, from anywhere. You will get your digital certification certificate via email after completing the recertification exam, which you can download and print immediately.

The process of renewing CPR certification is simple, and it includes the following procedure:

  • Register for the CPR recertification course that you want to take online. One of the many first aid training programs available is an online CPR certification.
  • Take the required evaluation and examine the CPR renewal course content at home. People who finish the course subject in the training program have an advantage over new members since they renew their talents.
  • You may either print your finalized certificate instantly or send it to you.

Classroom CPR Lessons

Another alternative is to take an in-person recertification course, and these are ordinary CPR courses conducted in person by a CPR instructor. Hands-on training is more personalized and can include several educational methods.

An in-person instructor may present the same material to ensure that each student thoroughly comprehends the subject. Since most CPR sessions take place over a full day, they are unsuitable for workers who cannot take the day off.

Where to Renew your CPR Certificate Online?

Many sites offer online CPR renewal where you can get recertification according to the rules of the American Heart Association. CPR Select offers the best online CPR certification.


CPR refresher courses include first aid, basic life support skills, and bloodborne pathogen courses. Here you will find a customizable curriculum that will provide you with all of the CPR and first aid skills you need while also ensuring a complete refund.

What Should you Know about CPR Certificate Renewal?

  • CPR instruction is available in some settings, including hospitals, community centers, and training institutions.
  • Consider obtaining a recognized online certification for a more convenient and time-efficient option.
  • Each training program certificate or CPR requirement will have a different expiration date depending on the course date.
  • Until you perform another CPR recertification, the certificate will be invalid at the end of the expiration period.

What to Do if your CPR Certificate has Expired?

You cannot take a renewal or challenge course if your CPR certification has expired for more than 30 days. Instead, you’ll need to retake an entire certification course, either in person or online.

Performing CPR without proper certification could be subject to prosecution or criminal penalties, making it even more crucial to maintain your CPR certificate and training up to date.

Whether you want CPR certification for business or personal reasons, it’s critical to keep track of your CRP card renewal to guarantee you have the most up-to-date certification. Maintaining one’s experience also entails always being prepared to perform CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Conclusion on How often do you Have to Renew your CPR Certification

Maintaining your CPR certification is only one method to remain on top of your medical knowledge and awareness so you can save lives in any scenario. Renew your CPR card with First Aid and CPR recertification to ensure you prepare for any situation requiring medical assistance.

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