How to Be a Better Mom – 5 Parenting Tips for Mom

Whether you are a parent to a toddler or a teenager, the struggle that comes with it is real. With the responsibility of parenting, comes the responsibility of the mom.

In this article, we will specifically look into the struggle that a mother went through throughout her parenting journey and often wonders how to be a better mom. With some parenting tips from experienced moms, we have created this list.

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What Makes a Good Mother?

There is no straight answer or rule that exists to answer the question. A good mother understands what her child needs and what they demand. She recognizes this especially when her child can’t express feelings or thoughts.

As your child grows and goes through various developmental stages, new interests, and emotional highs and lows, a good mother is there to support and love them unconditionally, even when faced with puzzling behaviors and unexpected reactions.

Why Being a Good Mother Matters

With the concern of how to be a better mom, there comes the concern of why being a good mother matters. Mothers who express that their child is a valued member of the family, their school, and society help nurture their child’s self-esteem. Fostering a child’s emotional and physical well-being daily is one of the most critical responsibilities of a mother.

why being a good mother matters
How to be a better mother

How to Be a Better Mom: 5 Parenting Skills from Experienced Moms

Becoming a better mom is every parent’s dream. As there is no certain path to becoming a better mom, here we have curated some tips.

Listen to Your Kids

This step is one of the cornerstones of improving yourself as a mother. By listening to your kids, you can demonstrate that their ideas and emotions are valued. There are also some advantages of listening to your kids:

  • Giving your child your whole attention means you are listening to them. It allows you to look your youngster in the eye and express empathy.
  • Listening to your children will calm them down. For instance, if you have teens, they might outburst when they are not heard. A child might start to analyses their emotions and settle down if you just try to understand how they feel.
  • It facilitates trust and honest communication between you and your child.
  • Talk to your children about important topics. Encourage them to express themselves by posing open-ended questions to them.

Teach Your Kids Emotional and Regulation Skills

When you are wondering how to be a better mom, be careful about what emotional regulation you are posing in front of them. Kids develop their emotional and regulation skills mostly from their parents, so it’s natural that they will probably mimic you. Emotional intelligence is a valuable skill that every child should develop. Teaching your child how to regulate their emotions is essential for their well-being.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Help your child recognize their feelings and emotions.
  • Kids often learn anger management from their parents. Be a better role-model in front of them while dealing with sadness and frustration.
  • Encourage them to express their emotions and discuss strategies for managing them.

Understand Your Child’s Developmental Stages and Ages

To find answers to how to be a better mom, you must learn about your child’s developmental stage and age. As your child grows, their developmental stage gets upgraded.

child development stages
Child’s Developmental Stages and Ages

In the following, we will explain how a child’s developmental stage grows along with their age. This knowledge will help you set appropriate expectations and provide the right guidance:

Toddler Parenting Tips

During this age, kids grow physically, emotionally, and cognitively very quickly. At this stage, they become more adept at expressing their needs and wishes, so it’s best to teach them basic disciplines. Involve them in physical activities, and develop a healthy meal time.

Parenting Tips for Preschool/School-going Kids

For kids of this age group, it’s important to engage them in social activities. Teach them the value of taking care of their own body. They might occasionally express interest in taking care of their hygiene.

Between the ages of six and eight, kids start to show their independent behaviors. Children of this age who started going to school should receive both positive as well as negative kinds of discipline. When your kids misbehave, use a punishment like taking away their electronics.

Additionally, you can praise them for their well-behaved conduct regarding duties or reward them for their effort.

How to Be a Better Mom Tips for Teens

Your teens may possess a good number of capabilities, but their social and emotional abilities may likely require some improvement. Teenage is an excellent moment to introduce them to fresh approaches to problem-solving.

how to be a better mom tips for teens
How to be a better mom tips for teens

An older teen will likely ask for your advice. However, don’t anticipate that your 14-year-old will ask for guidance. Your teen may insist you have no idea what you’re talking about at that age. But fear not—matureness will remedy that.

Nurture Your Child’s Individuality

Understand that your child won’t be just like you. They will show their characteristics. Their likings and dislikes won’t fully match with yours. Encourage them to grow their child’s tastes and interests. To help your child grow their individuality, follow these –

  • Be the biggest fan of your child
  • Celebrate your child’s tiny achievements
  • Set goals with them and participate
  • Do not put down your child’s dream, encourage them

Model Healthy Relations and Stay Humble

Teach your kids the proper way to interact with others. You should always be respectful and nice to everyone, whether with your partner, co-parent, family, friends, or strangers. As you actively listen, make concessions, and share with others, model for your children what it means to be a good friend or partner.

For instance, if you and your spouse are having a moment of disagreement on some matter, handle the situation strategically. In anger, try to stay humble in front of your kids.

Find Support and Ask for Help

We hope the above-mentioned tips will truly help you. It’s important to ask for help when you need it and to modify your methods as necessary.

Mothers tend to ignore their mental and physical well-being while trying to be a good mom. While trying to become a better mom, try to take care of yourself also. To do so, if you need to ask for help from your family member, don’t hesitate.

Conclusion on How Can I Be a Better Mom

Being a better mother is an ongoing process that includes teaching your children how to regulate their emotions, appreciating their uniqueness, comprehending their developmental stage, and being prepared to apologize when necessary.

Never forget that no one parenting style works for everyone. With the everyday challenges that a mother experiences, we’ve provided you with some advice in this article on how to be the best version of yourself.

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